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At The Law Office of David J. Lopez, we understand that personal injury cases are not just legal disputes but personal challenges that affect every aspect of our clients’ lives. Our commitment is to provide compassionate, competent legal representation to those who have been wronged.

Personal Injury, Defined

Personal injury law addresses legal disputes arising when an individual suffers harm due to someone else’s negligence or intentional act. This area of law aims to provide relief to the injured party through compensation for their losses. At The Law Office of David J. Lopez, we specialize in representing individuals who have been injured, and helping them receive justice and the compensation they deserve for their physical, emotional, and financial hardships.

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Steps to Take Immediately After Personal Injury:

  • Prioritize your health by getting immediate medical care.
  • Take photographs of the injury and the accident scene.
  • Collect contact details of any witnesses and the involved parties.
  • If applicable, file a police or incident report.
  • Keep all medical records, receipts, and any related documents.
  • Avoid discussing fault or making detailed statements to insurance companies.
  • Consult us immediately to understand your rights and determine the best course of action.
  • Adhere strictly to the treatment plan prescribed by your healthcare provider.
  • Do not discuss your injury or legal case on social media platforms.
  • Record your daily pain levels, challenges faced, and how the injury impacts your life.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Lopez takes great care of his clients. He is a very honest and open attorney. He always made sure we were in the same page and he always kept me in the loop of things. I’ll recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney.

Marcus W.

Mr. Lopez handled my case with a level of professionalism and passion that isn’t common by any means. I felt like my well-being was a priority and his constant communication was second to none. I couldn’t have asked for better representation and highly recommend his services to anyone in need.

Aaron G.

I have recently been engaged with Mr Lopez over the past year in a personal injury legal proceeding, it very recently concluded with satisfactory results. I would highly recommend working with Mr Lopez as he is responsive, considerate, kind, he listens to his clients, and finishes with getting results.

Benjamin B.

Personal Injury FAQs

What qualifies as a personal injury case?

A personal injury case arises when an individual suffers harm due to another’s negligence or intentional act. This can include vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents, product liability, nursing home abuse and negligence, premises liability, workplace injuries, and various other types of cases. Generally speaking, if you have suffered a personal injury, please contact Mr. Lopez to determine if you have a case.

Do I need an attorney for my personal injury case?

While not legally required, having an experienced personal injury attorney can significantly impact your outcome. Attorneys have the skills and expertise to navigate legal complexities, negotiate with insurance companies, and advocate on your behalf. As such, if you have experienced a personal injury, your first move should be to contact Mr. Lopez.

How long do I have to file a personal injury claim in Texas?

In Texas, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is generally two years from the date of the injury. However, certain circumstances may affect this timeline, so please contact your attorney immediately.

How is fault determined in a personal injury case?

Fault is typically based on the concept of negligence – failing to act with the care expected under the circumstances. Proving negligence requires showing that the defendant had a duty to the plaintiff, breached that duty, and caused harm as a result.

What if I'm partially at fault for my injury?

Texas follows a “modified comparative negligence” rule, meaning you can still recover damages if you’re partially at fault, as long as you are not more than 50% responsible. However, your compensation will be reduced by your percentage of fault.

How long does a personal injury lawsuit take?

The duration varies depending on the case’s complexity, the parties’ willingness to settle, and court schedules. Some cases resolve in months, while others may take years.

Can I still claim if my injuries are minor?

Yes, even minor injuries can have significant impacts and may entitle you to compensation. However, it’s important to have all injuries assessed and documented.

Can I claim for emotional distress in a personal injury case?

Yes, emotional distress is considered a non-economic damage and can be compensated if it’s a result of the injury.

Can I settle a personal injury claim without going to court?

Yes, many personal injury cases are settled out of court through negotiations between your attorney and the insurance company or at-fault party.

What happens if a personal injury case goes to trial?

If a settlement isn’t reached, the case goes to trial, where a judge or jury will hear the evidence and make a decision. This process can be lengthier but may result in a higher compensation.

What is the difference between a settlement and a verdict?

A settlement is an agreement reached outside of court, often through negotiation. A verdict is a decision made by a judge or jury after a trial.

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